Hemp Oil for Allergies

Hemp Oil for Allergies

Hemp oil is known for its medicinal and cosmetic properties that are making it increasingly popular around the world.

The culinary use of hemp oil is very digestible, has a very particular and a host of properties flavor.

Hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of hemp varieties for food use only. Removal must be cold because high temperatures destroy their properties.

Use of hemp oil:

Store in cool, dry place and where there is no light. Store in the refrigerator or cool place open a time portion. Hemp oil should not be used to make fried, since high temperatures destroy not only their most valuable properties but become them harmful.

It is excellent for preparing salads and salad dressings: with vinegar or lemon juice or take only (from one to three teaspoons per day).

What are the properties of the hemp?.

Thanks to its rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly in linoleic acid and gamma-linoleic, we may have many therapeutic applications (premenstrual syndrome, inflammation, arthritis, etc.).

In fact if our body has the always correct amount of fatty acids we variable disease in a more effective manner.

Applied externally helps in many cases of itching, allergies, eczema, and various problems of skin on the nails help improve its strength.

Cosmetic use: its richness in minerals, vitamins and fatty acids make it an ideal ingredient for soaps, gels, baths, creams and shampoos.

Excellent as oil based massage since much benefits the skin, absorbs quickly and is not fatty. Some people apply a few drops after shower moisturizing oil.

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